TikTok Geo Targeting From Any Country To Any Country

Online course with tutorials and videos.


-how to target TikTok to the USA?
-how to target TikTok to any country?
-how to bypass TikTok shadowban?
-why do my videos have zero views?
-why do my videos have <500 views?
-how to get the TikTok stitch method?
-what proxy we can use with TikTok?
-what vpn use with TikTok?

My new course will teach you exactly how to trick TikTok and make it treat you as a normal US user.
(or any country you choose).
The method is not yet described on the BHW forum. You will be surprised how we configure our devices
to become invisible to TikTok. Correct device configuration tutorials with videos, images, and step-by-step instructions.THE TIKTOK STITCH METHOD:
Most wanted method for last weeks in the TikTok category
a) Android version, how to make TikTok stitch on Android, how to prevent TikTok from fixing the method
b) iOS version, how to make TikTok stitch on iOS, how to prevent TikTok from fixing the method
-how to create and manage multiple TikTok accounts without turning TikTok red light
-changing your videos to bypass TikTok algorithms in several ways: online, Davinci Resolve, Filmora, and FFMPEG with complete code snippets and video tutorials
-adult bonus, how to upload adult videos on TikTok without guidelines strikes, how to change them and the source of the material; video tutorials
-conversion and basic cloaking, tutorials about using links in TikTok bio, comments, and videos
-troubleshooting, where I describe basic problems with TikTok views and guidelines + how to fix them

-access to the online course, URL only for buyers!
-buyers will receive direct contact to me ask questions


Q: Can TikTok fix targeting?
A: TikTok can fix everything, but we are acting like a normal users, for example from the USA. It’s really, really hard to find our location using methods from this courseQ: Can TikTok fix stitch methods?
A: They can and they will, but I have posted methods that will prevent TikTok from fixing it for us. Where guys from the forum will have a problem, buyers will have a working solution
TikTok can start to stop pushing these videos and this is the only situation we will not fix
Q: Show me your money!
A: This is not a money-making method. This is the correct targeting method, bypassing TikTok detection, bonus methods like stitch

Q: What is the stitch method?
A: This is for people who know what is and they hardly want to get it. Also, it’s the bonus method for targeting method

Q: What I can do with that method?
A: What do you want! Promote CPA? Promote OnlyFans models? Dropshipping? Sell Clickbank or own products? It’s up to you

Q: Why you are selling it?
A: For money. There is a place on TikTok and there is hype for TikTok. There are billions of accounts and videos on TikTok. 90 more smart people will not make a difference.

Q: What is the investment?
A: $15 for proxy, $1-$3 for SIM card. You need to have also phone, laptop, or desktop with a Windows system. It’s possible to do with Mac OS, but it’s the harder way
Please note, if you start uploading more you need a bigger investment in proxy for a longer period.

Q: Is it the online website with videos and tutorials?
A: Yes, but you cannot see the URL. Reason are hackers who will try to leak it without paying. Below you have screenshots of my website

Q: Do you guarantee I will make money?
A: No, it’s not the money-making method

Q: Do you guarantee that my videos will get views?
A: No, because except for the correct targeting, it’s very important what you are uploading. TikTok is not the magic box with millions of views. If your videos are not interesting to people you will not cross 1000 views with them. The USA market is also saturated. I suggest trying less saturated markets like the UK or Brazil

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