Quant Program Prometheus

What you’ll get(All videos):

-10 strategies that beat the market + Codes attached

-Strategies for Global Markets

-Codes in Tradingview, Amibroker and Python via Quantconnect

-Strategies backtested by Position sizing

-Portfolio backtests

-Portfolio backtest with Position sizing are only available on Amibroker and Quantconnect(Python). Tradingview dont have this capability.

-Train to think like a quant

Thinking like a trader

Diversify, Drawdowns, Win rates

Thinking like a coder

Thinking like a mathematician

Position sizing, Money management

Thinking like a quant

Trend following, Mean reversion, Profit distribution, MAE, MFE, Optimization, Walk forward


Case against Day trading

Best platforms to backtest

Crash course coding(Tradingview +Amibroker)

Monte Carlo analysis(4 examples) on Amibroker

Pairs Trading

Ideal Portfolio diversification

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