Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive

Session #1: Chief Robot Officer or Superconductor

How to simplify everything you do, completely eliminate $10 per hour tasks, streamline your day, and 10x your output with just a handful of daily actions
The 2 key strategies to productivity in the Age of A.I. — what tasks are appropriate for each … and how to decide which is best for you
The new mental models required for using A.I. and Machine Learning tools the right way … so you don’t degrade your own thinking, value, or work in your rush toward productivity.
How to stay focused and think clearly in the Age of A.I. where shiny objects, programs, hacks, tools, and millions of voices are screaming for your attention.
Why you need to slow down to speed up! “Productivity” and “speed” are DOA in the Age of A.I. … Sam will show you why
Prompts, Bots, and Apps: When to use what
Why you should NOT use only an A.I. solution for most of your work
How to identify the optimal blend of A.I. and human touch for superior outcomes
How to use ChatGPT and other LLMs as your sidekick, constantly analyzing, suggesting, and refining your strategies
Session #2: The Chief Robot Officer and the Death of $10 Per Hour Work

The End of $10/hour Work. This no longer exists. If it does in your business or life, something is seriously wrong
Automating the Mundane: How to achieve your highest human potential by letting A.I. handle repetitive tasks
How to use automation to reshape manual … and intellectual … labor
Choosing the Right Tools: Knowing when to use prompts, bots, apps for various tasks
Streamlining Daily Operations: Using A.I. to handle routine tasks and elevate daily productivity in your organization
Understanding A.I.’s “Jagged Frontier” Why it is not always obvious what tasks are A.I.-able and those that should involve human intervention. This is huge!
Information overload controlled: How to automate information consumption and turn it into useful outputs
Prompts, Bots, and Apps for different daily and weekly tasks you’re working on.
Session #3: The Superconductor and the Death of $100 Per Hour Work

Designing “Symbiotic” Workflows: How to achieve your goals by knowing how to blend both human and robot work
Elevating Work Value: Use A.I. to handle intricate tasks, pushing you above the $250 per hour range
Creativity Combustion Engine: How to collaborate with A.I. for idea generation
Prompts, Bots, and Apps for different daily and weekly tasks you’re working on
Elevated Writing and Marketing: How to use A.I. to enhance tasks like drafting marketing copies, ensuring superior quality that beats controls
Optimizing Analytical Tasks: How to collaborate with A.I. to segment markets and ensure accurate and efficient results
Session #4: How to Earn $1000 Per Hour

The $1,000 Vision: Understand the nature of tasks that fall into the $1,000 per hour category and which will soon be $100 per hour or lower!
Beyond Automation: How to quickly elevate the quality and strategic value of your work.
Strategic Thinking Upgrade: How to use A.I. tools to enhance critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and data analysis
A.I.’s Role in Decision Making: How to best use A.I. to gather data, analyze trends, and provide insights, while you make the final strategic decisions
Expanding Horizons: How A.I. can help with even complex tasks … freeing up your time for more strategic endeavors
A.I. as a Strategic Partner: How to use A.I. as more than just a tool. Meet your new partner who provides insights, analyses, and recommendations
The Irreplaceable Human: How to leverage the invaluable power of human intuition, emotion, and creativity … while still maximizing productivity with A.I..
Prompts, Bots, and Apps for different daily and weekly tasks you’re working on.

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