JT Barnett – The TikTok Masterclass

Stop Chasing Trends. Start Telling Stories. This Masterclass Has Proven Strategies That Have Taken 20+ Brands To TikTok Success. You Could Be Next.

What You Get Inside The TikTok Masterclass

63 videos
3+ hours of content
Lifetime access with 3 logins per company
How TikTok’s top brands are growing today
Analysis, features, best practices modules (and more!)
Full algorithm breakdown
Filming, editing, and posting tips
How to build community
Bonus: Influencers & Spark Ads
FREE: Content Playbook: 150+ ideas to start today
FREE: List of Hooks: 50+ high converting hooks

Business leaders know: These opportunities don’t last forever.

Organic reach on TikTok is highly touted. Creators and consumers are migrating in waves to the platform that lets them share their story with the world. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you must create authentic, value-driven content. The strategy is different than Instagram or Twitter, which can make diving into TikTok feel daunting.

This is why we made The TikTok Masterclass: For Companies. To cut through the noise and give you a proven plan for growth. 63 videos. 3+ hours of content.
A top-to-bottom game plan pulled directly from BarnettX’s TikTok advisory. These are the very same strategies that JT Barnett used to grow his platforms to 1M+, and have brought dozens of other brands success. And they can do the same for you.

Join The TikTok Masterclass today.

Who is JT Barnett, Anyway?

JT Barnett is the founder of BarnettX, a TikTok-focused company which operates as both a strategy team and white glove headhunting service. He has been acclaimed as one of the top TikTok strategists in the world, and works with companies like Microsoft, Best Western, Poppi, Ikonick, and more.

With a deep practitionership of the app and seasoned storytelling strategies, JT started the worlds first Adult TikTok House, Honey House. Within 60 days, the house amassed over 1.1M followers and was featured across media outlets like E! News and Business Insider.

JT has then used those same strategies to lead dozens of brands to TikTok success, which is why he’s thrilled to bring these insights to you. He built this Masterclass to be practical and digestible for any company that wants to cultivate a community online.

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