Talmadge Harper – Personal Quantum Healing Version 5

Once you reach this place, you will be given the opportunity to personally request healing. You are not limited to just requesting healing. You can also ask for assistance in other areas of your life as well. I recommend this for anyone who has had previous experience with Ultra Depth or deep hypnosis. What is this process capable of healing? In my experience, there is no injury, illness or condition that cannot be healed using this process. Of course, for legal reasons, I must note that this cannot be taken for medical advice or a substitute for seeing a doctor. This is considered spiritual guidance only. How do I use the Healing Notebook? Before listening to the MP3, simply write down in the notebook what it is you need healed. Your subconscious mind will then address that specific problem and allow you to heal yourself with clarity and precision. This gives you the ability to heal more than one current issue as well as any future conditions or injuries that may need to be addressed. If you are already accustomed to Ultra Depth States, then usually it it only takes one listen to see immediate results. Occasionally, a second session maybe needed. In very rare cases, a third session may be required. However, as a general rule to be “safe,” I recommend listening to the MP3 at least every other day for 1-2 weeks to ensure success. Sometimes clients need a chance to get comfortable with the process and know it is a safe and pleasant process. Also, if this is your first time doing anything like this, the 1-2 weeks will help you get used to deeply relaxing and then going into the healing states. If you are not used to deep relaxation, or if this is your first time I recommend listening at least every other day for two weeks. Each time you listen, you will be able to reach deeper levels, allowing you to truly connect with the healing power within you.

Author: Malcolm

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